Format & Rules


One day Fall  event format featuring  a three game guarantee for all divisions.

High School, Club and Youth programs and are all invited to participate.

HS A  – Championship format (best two records receive a 4th game.)
HS B – Championship format (best two records receive a 4th game.)
HS C –


10U Special Rules

Teams will play 7 v 7, short field, small goals.

10U –  Games are (2) 20 minute halves, with a three minute half time.

  1. NO “coast to coast” goals result in a no goal rule, and loss of possession – players must complete at least one pass after face off wins and change of possession.

High School / 14U/ 12U Rules

• Games consist of  (2) 20 minutes running time halves. 3 minute half time.

  • Refs keep official time.

•  A central  horn will start and end all games
•  Body checks outside the crease area result in unnecessary roughness penalties – No take out checks at any time – 3 minute unreleasable if violated

• One thirty second timeout per game
• Time out stop clock under three minutes left in any game

• All games will have an official scorekeeper and table.
• No overtime, except for championship game. Four minute overtimes
• Penalty time kept by Table / scorekeeper

  • Strictly enforced code of conduct – Fighters and/or retaliators may to be ejected and receive a one game suspension.